Flash fiction or micro-fiction is a style of fictional literature or fiction of extreme brevity. 
  • Six of the best: CNN readers tell us their stories.
  • Six minute stories.
  • Writing Flash Fiction.


Here's the list in full, many thanks to all those who took part:
Boy meets girl, girl eats boy. (Clem)
Worthless life, endless waiting, last breath; reminded. (Anupama Aliyar)
World peace is non-negotiable. (Sani Ahmed)
Wanted: 1 wife for 3 weeks. (Hannah)
The dead man woke in darkness. (David Irving)
She loved me, I loved not. (Mike D)
Sweating guilt, he closed the door. (Douglas Green)
Thinking of a story: undeniable failure. (Lisa-Marie)
Called to serve; willing to die. (NyxKordel)
Three exhausted architects watch returning homeowners. (Kate)
Love dies, passion wanes, marriage over. (Suzanne)
Help us, help you, cure hunger. (Renee Fontana)

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